Specialized in full body massage for men. Stats: 30, 5'-11", 72kg Interests: Gym, Health & Nutrition, Fitness. Specialization: "Deep Tissue" and "Sensual" Massage Pics: pic1, pic2 Currently available for outcalls only. Click here to book your session.
Massage provides a safe and natural healthy way to release tension and unwind. It is a recognised and effective means of maintaining health. Massage improves circulation, aids digestion and strengthens the immune system. I offer traditional style full body massage customised to your individual needs to target aches, tension, and stress and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being. De-stress from the dis-stress of everyday life, either with/without oils. The massage can be done in the privacy and comfort of your place(home/hotel). Click here to book your session.
Massage Therapy, This is a general term for a range of therapeutic approaches. The practice of kneading or otherwise manipulating a person's muscles and other soft tissue with the intent of improving a person's well-being or health. Stroking and kneading of the body parts has been used for centuries to relieve pain. Sensual Massage, is any combination of light non-invasive strokes, kneading, or energywork which produce a profound state of physical and emotional relaxation in the client. Deep Tissue Massage, massage applied to the deeper, core layers of the body often using the elbow as well as the usual thumb, finger and fist pressure. Greater awareness is often needed to go into the deeper tissues without hurting the client. Deep tissue work helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation.
Please note, Extra travel charges (£5) may apply for locations outside Westend / zone 1. NO extra travel charges for visits within zone 1. Cash only Please! - No cheques / etc are acceptable. Click here to book your session. Discounts for students.
Massage service is available from late morning to midnight, 7 days a week. Please try to book your massage session at least 2 days in advance. Once I receive your message, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Currently massage service is available for outcalls, in and around London, only. Click here to book your session.
London - UK To book your session, Please E-mail at info@maleonly.co.uk   OR Click here to book your session Now!   OR Currently available for outcalls, in and around London, only.

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